Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Intrinsic Value of Weirdness

Where would we be without the occasional explosion of weird propelling us forward?  This world tends to be thoroughly shitty at times, but if it weren't for the intermittent and delicious weirdness slapping me in the face from time to time, I'd surely kill myself.  Think about it.  This would be one boring-ass place if it wasn't for the sublimely weird.  Fashion would be nonexistent.  Everyone would look like they stepped out of a damn Gap ad.  There would be beige everywhere!  High school kids would have no one to make fun of to cover up their own insecurities.  Unicycles would never have been invented.  Ballroom dancing would be the only dancing.  Quantum physics would be easy to understand and make sense to everyone!  There would be no great literature, or even good literature for that matter.  All movies would go straight to video!  We would still be using smoke signals and mailing hand-written letters due to there never being any Bill Gates or Steve Jobs - those guys are/were crazy weird.  Art would only be found on designer paper towel rolls and ugly wallpaper.  Performance art wouldn't even exist.  Evolution itself would be stifled and grind to a halt, because let's face it...mutants are weird.  Merriam-Webster even defines the term weird as relating to the supernatural.  So, forget about religion, too.  Few things are as weird as the belief in an afterlife, that we die and float up to a magical place where we fly around with our dead friends and relatives for eternity in perfect happiness and total peace - that's insanely weird!

The point is that the vast majority of innovation and inspiration that we benefit from everyday was and continues to be born from weirdness.  If it wasn't for the occasional human that decided to step out of line, all would stay the same.  Nothing would ever change.  

Life would be predictable. 

No matter how uptight and conservative a person may be, I refuse to believe anyone would really prefer an existence devoid of weirdness.  We need the weird.  It pushes us.  It inspires us.  It surprises us.  It makes us laugh.  It makes us think.  It makes us dance like no one's watching (my favorite kind of dancing, by the way).  Embrace the weird!  Life, as we know it, depends on it.

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