Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Short Story: Silence Will Satisfy

I sat in amazement that night as I watched her pump what must have been about $400 worth of white into her system.  Mia had always been a bit eccentric about her drug use, but that particular evening it seemed as if she was racing towards her last breath.  With a frenzied look in her eyes seething with lust and desire and a malevolently devilish smile blazing across her face, she snorted up two monstrous lines in anticipation of Death's arrival.  I haven't an idea as to which of my many chemical imbalances caused me to aid in her attempt, nor which entity granted me the patience to sit idly by and allow the destruction of this woman that I had and loved...for so little time.  Yet, I continued onward, feeding her sacred poison on a cursed spoon.  It was as if we both knew that her accelerated life was reaching its inevitable conclusion.  I had somehow agreed to accept it, and she had decided to embrace it.  Death, to her, was to be a tranquil lover who promised the peace that eluded her in life, seducing her with eternal sleep.