Friday, February 8, 2013

Only The Strong Will Be Weird

"Where's your will to be weird?"  This question was posited by the ever-weird and totally genius Jim Morrison - a personal hero of mine and many.  Certain friends of mine, as well as a few family members, have questioned my desire to be weird.  Now mind you, the people that are most likely to question such an inclination are usually the weirdest ones of all.  These people go to exorbitant lengths to be seen as normal.  In our society, to be normal means one must typically go against the grain of their very nature.  See, people have certain preconceptions of what it means for someone (or something) to be weird.

Weirdness carries a certain stigma.  It makes the people pretending to be normal uncomfortable.  This dynamic can be observed just about anywhere one can look.  It's easily spotted in the bible-thumper who gets furious about same-sex marriage, as if just by witnessing someone willing to do what comes naturally, they themselves will lose control and fuck the nearest farm animal that captures their eye.  You can catch a glimpse of it when a suited businessman labels a passing backpacker as being homeless in jest, because considering the joyous freedom of that individual in contrast to their own reality would just make them miserable.  It's all just too much.

People can use the phrase "weird" to insult and degrade, but in reality, they are only hating on someone's willingness to be themselves and their own inability to do the same.  Only the strong will be weird, for it takes courage to be different.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that there only exist a select few out there that are truly distinctive.  Everyone possesses qualities that are unique to them, but only a small percentage of them are willing to display those qualities outwardly.  For some it comes naturally, while for others it may take a concerted effort.  Blending into a herd, following the pack or otherwise not standing out requires nothing from us.  There is no achievement in being the same as everyone around you.  Most, in the privacy of their own heads, indulge themselves with the belief that they are somehow special, but they take no steps to assert that in the real world.  Instead, they keep their heads down, mimic their neighbors and judge the strays.

If you are one of those truly, super normal people who mistakenly stumbled upon this post and have come to see the error of your ways, we're here to help.  The good folks over at wikiHow have a great guide to get you started on your way to weirdness. Please do yourself (and everyone else) a favor, and check it out at How To Be Weird.  And be sure to check back here from time to time for new insights into the virtues and benefits of weirdness.  We won't make you weird overnight, but we'll get you there eventually.  Remember, being weird is all about doing your own thing and saying fuck-all to everything else.  So, be strong.  Be weird.

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